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Game On!
10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sept. 22
The Science of Games from Couch to Ice 

Join ASC for a day-long event focusing on the science behind popular games of all varieties -- from video to board and high-tech to low-tech. Delve into social media as well with Foursquare check-in points, Instagram photo ops and the opportunity to contribute to a special Tumblr blog.  

Event highlights include: 

  • Try some ice hockey on our temporary outdoor ice rink to explore the relationship between geometry and physics when making that winning goal.
  • Videogame tournament hosted by GameStop with prizes for our top competitors in multiple age categories.
  • Talk with representatives from Sony’s Playstation division about new technologies available on the Playstation 3 system, including 3D gaming, Game Design, and movement-based play.
  • Stroll through the history of videogame technology.
  • Enter a special drawing to win a new Playstation Vita.
  • Take part in a life-size version of Angry Birds and discover the physics involved in defeating the pigs.
  • Re-discover the joy of classic school yard games like Foursquare, jump rope, etc.
  • Take a new look at classic board games you never knew were teaching you physics, math and logic.


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