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Live Science Presentations

Explore science concepts in our Sci-Bites programs. Sci-Bites are 10-minute demonstrations and hands-on programs that spark imaginations, encourage curiosity, and inspire a spirit of learning. Sci-Bites are offered in Cosmic Ray's theater on the Second Floor of Space Chase and are free with regular admission to Adventure Science Center.

Current Schedule

1:30 p.m.
Sports Science: Reaction Time
What does it take to have world-class reaction time, and how can you improve yours? Learn the training secrets of the pros in this fast-paced presentation!

2:30 p.m.
Energy Misers
Learn practical ways to reduce energy consumption in your home and track down the energy hogs lurking in your kitchen and living room in order to help the environment and lower your electric bills. We’ll share tips and secrets to becoming an energy miser!


* Programs are subject to change without notice. 



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