Hands-On Science for Preschool and Kindergarten Students!

Hands-on science labs are sure to excite and engage the young scientists in your preschool or kindergarten. Book a Little Lab either at Adventure Science Center or at your school. ASC educators provide experiences for inquiry, exploration and observation—all designed to strengthen emerging skills and ignite curiosity in young minds.

Program Choices:
45 minutes each, choose one per date.

Winging, flinging, dancing and springing! You were once a wiggly caterpillar and now a beautiful butterfly. Come experience the butterfly effect, the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly and other insects such as ants and spiders.

Bacteria! Viruses! Germs! OH MY! Learn what makes the human body sick, how to prevent illness and how to fight the spread of germs.

Sweet? Salty? Sour? Be the judge! Explore the sense of taste, smell and touch. See how they work together to help us discover the world around us.

Discover how astronauts survive in space and what makes living in space different from living on earth

Robot Explorers
Power on! All systems go! What's a robot and what can robots do? Explore simple robots and make a take home model of a robot arm.

Diggin' Dinos
Become a paleontologist and dig up fossils, compare features and discover why dinosaurs are so special. Diggin’ Dinos Teacher guide

Whoo Ate That?
Dissect an owl pellet to see what these birds have for dinner.

Class Size:
Program may be reserved for 15 to 20 students. Please note that schools must provide at least one additional adult for each seven students to assist the ASC educator during the program.

At ASC -- $3 per student in addition to group admission free with minimum payment for 15 participants.
At Your School -- $100 per program, plus mileage. $85 for any additional lab on the same day/same topic.

Programs at ASC available Tuesday through Friday during the school day.
Please call (615) 862-5177 for availability at your school.  

Call 615-862-5177 to book your Little Labs.

*all pricing subject to change.



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