Science on the Go

Let Adventure Science Center bring memorable science experiences directly to students. ASC reaches out to schools, libraries and other sites within 100 miles of Nashville. Choose up to two programs per date from a variety of Science on the Go! Outreach options. All activities support Tennessee Science Standards.

STEM Learning Labs

You provide classroom space, tables and teams of curious students. ASC brings the materials needed for these hands-on inquiry experiences, such as dissections of real specimens or engineering design challenges. Each Lab is designed to strengthen students' emerging interests and knowledge.

50 minutes, up to 30 students
  • Flower Dissection

    Grades 1-3

    Budding Botanists work in small groups to dissect a flower to explore its structure and characteristics.

    Life Science
    Add Materials Fee of $10 per Lab.
  • Squid Dissection

    Grades 3-6

    Students inspect this ocean dwellilng invertebrate's unique internal and external features, such as the beak and ink sac. A non-refundable lab deposit of $50 is required.

    Life Science
    Add Materials Fee of $25 per Lab.
  • Sheep Heart Dissection

    Grades 6-9

    In this investigation of a real specimen, students learn the anatomy of human heart muscle by dissecting the structurally similar sheep heart. A non-refundable lab deposit of $50 is required.

    Life Science
    Add Materials Fee of $3 per student.
  • Fetal Pig Dissection

    Grades 7-9

    Examine the body systems of a fetal pig while working in teams of two or three. Students will identify major organs and discuss each one's function. A non-refundable lab deposit of $50 is required. Three week advance booking required.

    Life Science
    Add Materials Fee of $6 per student.
  • Engineering for Earthquake Safety

    Grades 4-9

    Explore earth structures, plate tectonics and earthquake prediction, safety and engineering for earthquake safety.

    Earth & Space Sciences, Engineering Design
  • Robot Challenge

    Grades 2-4

    Design, build and operate robots to solve team challenges.

    Physical Science, Engineering Design
  • Robotics LEGO® Mindstorms®

    Grades 4-12

    Teams work to build and program LEGO® Mindstorms® robots capable of meeting challenges designed to promote 21st century team building skills. Students practice important STEM relationships to gain a deeper understanding of the design and invention process.

    Physical Science, Engineering Design
    Add Technology Fee of $3 per student.
  • Wind Turbine Design

    Grades 4-9

    Design, build, operate, test, evaluate and redesign to improve how much voltage is generated.

    Physical Science, Engineering Design
  • It's Electric! Circuitry

    Grades 4-6

    Partners collaborate in a guided inquiry lab with challenges that include building series and parallel circuits to make a light bulb glow, a motor spin, and a fan turn into a flying saucer.

    Physical Science, Engineering Design

That's Amazing! Presentations, Assemblies & Science Shows

Presentations are for up to 30 participants. Assemblies are for up to 100 participants and Science Shuws are for 200+

  • Living in Space

    Grades 1-3

    How do astronauts work, eat, sleep, exercise and go to the bathroom in space? Everything is more complicated when the International Space Station is your home. COmpare and contrast how living in space differs from living on Earth.

    Life Science, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Exploring Magnets

    Grades 1-3

    (Presentations and Assemblies Only) Magnetism is a mysterious phenomenon. Gain a better understanding of what objects are attracted to a magnet and which are not. Explore repulsion, properties of magnets, poles, types of magnets, and magnetic fields.

    Physical Science
  • Matter Matters

    Grades 3-6

    (Presentations Only) You think snow and ice are cold? Wait until you get up close and personal with Liquid Nitrogen at -321°F! Find out how everyday objects behave when heat energy is added or drastically taken away. Non-refundable materials fee of $40 per program is required.

    Physical Science

Family STEM Events & Community Festivals

ASC is your partner for hosting large school STEM celebrations for students and families. Choose one theme and ASC will set up exciting hands-on/minds-on stations. Schools provide the activity space, tables and volunteer assistance, and ASC brings the materials.

  • Weather!

    Explore how heat, water and air produce weather, make your own weather instruments, and learn how to make and record weather observations.

    Earth and Space Sciences
  • Engineer, Build and Test It!

    Design, build and test a structufe to see how much stress it will support. Revise and test new designs to improve the results.

    Physical Science, Engineering Design
  • Fuel Up! - Renewable Eneergy

    Explore wind, solar, biofuel and alternative fuels and learn how technology is changing to help the environment.

Distance Learning

Connect your classroom to ASC via videoconferencing technology to explore real dissections without all the set-up and mess. Dissections cover characteristics of different animals while comparing and contrasting biological systems in animals and humans. Students will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions throughout the entire dissection. A lab deposit of $50 is required and will not be refunded if the lab is canceled with less than 7 days' notice. Note: Three week advance booking required for fetal pig lab.

Distance Learning Program Options
Each 45-minute program is $160

  • Sheep Heart Dissection
  • Squid Dissection
  • Fetal Pig Dissection
  • Sheep Brain Dissection

To book a program, email or call (615) 862-5177

Little Labs

ASC educators provide hands-on experiences for inquiry, exploration and observation - all designed to strengthen emerging skills and ignite curiosity in young preschool or kindergarten scientists.

Little Labs at School are available Tuesday through Friday during the school day. $125 per program plus mileage. $95 each for extra lab on same day (same topic).

45 minutes, up to 20 students
  • Little Engineers

    Design it, build it, and test it! Explore what it means to be an engineer. Make structures and explore how to make them stronger.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    Learn about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly and abou tother inseds. (Add a $5 materials fee)

  • Germ Fighters

    Bacteria, viruses, germs, oh my! Learn what makes the human body sick, ways to prevent illness, and how to fight the spread of germs.

  • Diggin' Dinos

    Become a paleontologist and dig up fossils, compare dinosaur features, and discover why dinosaurs were so special.

  • Space Blast Off!

    Complete "space training' to see what it's like to be an astronaut and how living in space is different from living on Earth.

  • Robot Explorers

    Power On! All Systems Go! What's a robot and what can robots do? Explore simple robots and how they are different from you.

  • Whoo Ate That?

    Get wise about owls and what it means to be a raptor. Investigate what's for dinner when you are an owl through dissecting an owl pellet.

Science On the Go! Rates for Schools

Program Schedule Options Maximum Capacity Length (min) Program Fee* Extra program, same day, same program Additional Fees and requirements
STEM Learning Labs School day 30 50 $135 $120 each *excludes fetal pig dissection 1 adult volunteer per 5 students (grades K-3)
See program description for added LEGO® Mindstorms® and dissection Lab Fees.
Evenings/weekends 30 50 $350 for 2 $135 each
That's Amazing! Presentations School day 30 25 $115 $95 each $40 materials fee for Matter Program
Evenings/weekends 20 25 $275 for 2 $125 each
That's Amazing! Assemblies School day 100 50 $275 $200 each $40 materials fee for Matter Program
Evenings/weekends 100 50 $350 $225 each
That's Amazing! Science Shows School day 200+ 50 $500 $275 each $40 materials fee for Matter Program<
Evenings/weekends 200+ 50 $600 $325 each
Family STEM Events & Festivals School day 60 60 $325 for 5 stations $200 each $50 materials fee per session, 12-20 volunteer assistants
Evenings/weekends 150 90 $495 for 10 stations $325 each
Mileage fee not included. All information is subject to change without notice.

Contact or call (615) 401-5072 for fees and other information on Adventure Science Center's programs for science fairs, scout groups, camps, libraries, after school programs, PTA events, community festivals, fairs, and other community events.

Science on the Go! Oureach Programming General Information

A mileage fee of $0.56/mile round trip and any applicable materials fees are added to the program fees. (Federal mileage reimbursement rate is adjusted each January and is subject to change.)

Science on the Go! Outreach Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing (email accepted) seven days prior to the date of booking. Cancellations without notification are subject to a $50 administration fee, applicable mileage and material fees. Cancellations due to weather conditions that close the reserved school system, and which are rescheduled, will not be charged an administration fee.

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