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60 Minutes, $3 per Person (except PicoCrickets)

Hands-on labs actively involve students in guided small group science experiences. Because some labs require special set up and materials, groups will be required to pay a $50 advance deposit. This deposit is non-refundable if the group cancels within 3 calendar days of the date of the lab (including weekends).

Prepare your students for the field trip with Teacher Support Materials that provide vocabulary lists, student activities to use before and after your visit, exhibit connections, and resources. Need to know the specific Science Standards for your grade level? Download the helpful Science Grade Level Expectations to match  programs to your curriculum science standards.



Engineering for Earthquake Safety
Grades 4 - 9
30 Students
Teacher Support Materials
Teams identify earth structures, investigate dynamics of plate tectonics, discover difficulties in predicting future earth shaking events, receive tips for staying safe during an earthquake and explore engineering techniques used to make buildings safer during an earthquake.
Embedded Inquiry
Embedded Technology and Engineering
The Earth: Standard 7
Social Studies: 3.06, 3.07, 7.3.06 
It's Electric! Circuitry Lab 
Grades 3 - 6

30 Students
Teacher Support Materials
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Learn by doing using Snap Circuit technology to build series and parallel circuits. Develop an understanding of the practical applications of electronics in a series of challenges that build understanding of electrical energy concepts.
Embedded Inquiry, Embedded Technology and Engineering, Energy: Standard 10, Math Standards: Numbers and Operations

Bone Detectives                              
Award Winning Program!
Grades 4 – 12
                                                                                                    supported by:
30 Students
Teacher Support Materials 
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Height? Age? Male or female? Discover the information that bones can tell us about an individual in this exciting hands-on lab! Students become forensic anthropologists as they work in teams to help solve “The Case of the Buried Bones.”
math standards: numbers and operations, geometry and measurement, embedded inquiry
cells: standard 1, biodiversity and change: standard 5, personal health and wellness: standard 2 & 3, anatomy and physiology: standard 1 & 2

Engineer It - Wind Turbines
Grades 5 - 9
30 Students 
Teacher Support Materials 
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Experiment with blade shape and size to determine the most efficient design for a wind turbine that generates the greatest amount of electricity. Use scientific tools, math and problem-solving skills to collect data and compare results.
Math Standard 2: Numbers and Operations
Embedded Inquiry
Embedded Technology and Engineering
Energy: Standard 10

Grades 2 - 4
Teacher Support Materials
Grade level expectations (GLEs)
Teams use deductive reasoning and science tools to make observations about a mini-mystery. Evidence includes fingerprints, unknown powders, plus human and animal tracks.
Math Standards: Numbers and Operations
Geometry and Measurement
Embedded Inquiry
Matter: Standard 9

Botany Lab

Grades 1 - 8
30 Students
Teacher Support Materials  
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Dissect a flower and use compound microscopes to explore the parts of a flowering plant. Learn about plant processes and view the beauty of microscopic pollen grains and plant cells. $50 advance materials deposit
Embedded inquiry
cells: standard 1, biodiversity and change: standard 5, flow of matter and energy: standard 3

Bio Labs
Teacher Support Materials --
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLE) -- OWL, SQUID, HEART, FETAL PIG
Explore the characteristics of animals as you compare and contrast animal functions using science process skills. Dissections of real specimens give students experience using science tools, inquiry, and it’s just plain fun! (Lab Deposit required)
       Grade K-2             Owl pellet  
       Grades 2 to 4       Squid or owl pellet 
       Grades 5 to 12     Sheep heart or squid
       Grades 7 - 12        Fetal Pig ($11 per student)
Embedded Inquiry, Cells: Standard 1, Biodiversity and Change: Standard 5 , Anatomy and Physiology Standard 4.0  

Teacher Support Materials 
Grade level expectations (GLEs)
$5 per student
Available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
55 minutes
Grades 3-8
Looking for opportunities to build 21st Century Skills involving problem-solving and critical thinking? Working in teams of two, students use laptops and PicoCricket technology to create a unique robotic object programmed to move through a sequence of steps. As the design process unfolds, students see the important relationships between math, science and engineering, gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design and invention.

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